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Our mission is to create solutions and information technology services that deliver more value to our clients and contribute to the orientation of user’s habit.

Proudly worked with:

  • Payoneer
  • Amazon
  • Elance-oDesk

About our company

Change for different

Tech For Life ( is a registered limited liability company, specialised in delivering software services.

Our story began from 2014, when a group of experienced engineers decided to establish and develop entertainment and community platform on web and mobile. To the middle of 2014, we were funded by new investors, then was proud to introduce the system of over bases: web, android, ios, win phone. The whole system was be roll out and operated in the beginning of 2015, serving over 80.000 restaurants, and more 2 million active users.

In June 2015, we have 20 personnel cover many parts such as mobile, web, core, design… We collect experiences step-by-step by applying the most creative ideas deliver the best value to our clients.

We are now located in the heart of District 5, All Asia (Toàn Á Châu) building.. We believe that any road to succeed are also has difficulties but by ambition from the day establish, Tech For Life still hold mission is create products and information technology service that bring more value for user.

Tools and apps I use everyday:
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • After Effects
  • InDesign
Mamun Srizon

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Responsive Web

Android App

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Windows App

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Culture of TFL

At the very beginning, the executive board of Tech For Life ascertained the important of cultural business sustainability. Culture of Tech For Life is reinforced, formed to unique between young peoples that have talent, enthusiasm. The main characters of Tech For Life are


Main power of Tech For Life is power. Each personal with each different strong point when gather into a group is make the power of Tech For Life.


This characteristic encourages and promotes Tech For Life become one of the top company in technology field – a fast growing industry.


To satisfy the customer’s need and succeed in business environment that is continuous change, every staff of Tech For Life is all positive and initiative in works, “dare to think-dare to work” to adjust oneself rapidly.


Every staff is conscious of ‘perfect himself by working’. Tech For Life is charge of providing the best for them to approach new technology and new knowledge of human being.


With Tech For Life, is you want to succeed, you must to define target and have a plan to reach that target.